Tuesday, August 7, 2012

History of thrifting

I've always wondered where thrifting originated....like did someone throw their summer wardrobe away only to find pickers outside digging through their things....or were they more business savvy, did they decide to host the first ever yard sale?  I stumbled upon this amazing website during my "research" and I think it's a pretty interesting read.  Check it outtttt!  history of thrifting

Thrifting for kids

Thrift shopping for my children has to be the smartest and easiest thing I've ever done! Just head to your nearest goodwill or favorite thrift shop and browse through the children's section. I only look for name brands and gently used clothing items. Since my children are very rambunctious thrift shopping has saved us thousands of dollars in clothing funds to be used elsewhere like vacations!  REady, set, THRIFT!


Ok, we all know Liz Claiborne is no joke! This dress was $5.00 at the DAV....just look at it! Fierce!

Hot tamale!

This vintage two piece suit came from Goodwill, $7.00! I will be stomping in church with this suit on, shoulder pads and all...

Vintage 3 quarter sleeve dress

Found this little gem at the DAV for $5.00!


Hello!  Welcome to my new blog!  You may be asking yourself what could possibly be so trendy about "second hand" clothing???  They smell funny, they've been worn by other people and for those germaphobes out there I'm sure you can't even imagine stepping foot inside a thrift shop or vintage boutique.  But, right now thrifting is making a major comeback and I for one am definitely #teamthrift.  The thrill of the hunt, the stories the clothing tell, and the overall look can set you apart in the fashion universe and expand your fashion forward mind by leaps and bounds.  Follow me as I journey through yard sales, thrift shops, vintage boutiques, and estate sales in search for the trendiest, thrifty-est finds....It'll be worth the hunt!