Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Good day all!  I know it's bee foreverrrrr since I've posted!  So many wonderful things have happened!  I managed to obtain a job (a good one at that), and my fall semester of school has began so things have been very busy around my home these past few weeks  Never the less, let me say I'm so sorry I've neglected you all!  I haven't been thrifting as much but stay's pay weekend and I'm off on Saturday, WOOT WOOOT!!!!  I'll be hitting the streets looking for the hottest fall/winter trends for pennies on the dollar and I'll show you how you can do the same!

Monday, August 20, 2012


Today's outfit is 100% thrifted and it feels so good!  i think i look pretty damn cute!  The jacket came from Goodwill, $6!  The shirt is a tailored Gap white button down and I only paid 3.99, the pants came from USA Thrift and I may have paid $1.50...if that!  The moral of the thrift wins again bitches.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

DIY ombré shorts...


What you'll need:
Pair of old jeans or shorts
bowl, bucket, sink
How To"Start by cutting the shorts to desired length, then pour bleach into bowl and partially submerge shorts as shown into bleach.  Wait 25-45 minutes.  Put jeans in rinse cycle in washing machine then dry.  Viola, ombre' shorts baby!


Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday thrift haul!

So today since the weather was really nasty I wanted to take it easy and do a little light thrifting.  I hit my usual spots (DAV, Goodwill, Family Thrift) and didn't spend much time looking through the racks since i had both my children with me.  Thrift shopping gets really tricky when you have a diva-licious five year old and a two year old having a meltdown in the cart. -_- Soooo, I'm almost certain someone is walking out with my totally awesome find today, but I digress, I did find this amazing vintage full sequin jacket!  WOOOT WOOOOT!!!!!!  I can't wait to wear it out for drinks with the ladies!
I ran across this bag in Family Thrift, I know a year of two ago they were really popular in the deep south, but guess who's gonna attempt to bring 'em back in style???  This girl.
After Lydia saw my sequin jacket she found a sequin vest and HAD to have it.... :)
All in all i spent about $16.00 total for everything.  I win again.


Today was so gloomy! It was rather chilly outside this morning, maybe the low 70s, perfect excuse to rock a sweater in the summer! This neon sweater came from Forever 21x the hot punk braided faux leather belt comes from H&M, and the blue slacks were gifted to me from a friend, but you can find the in New York and Co. Now I'm all ready to go thrifting!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Today's outfit comes from a mixture of thrift and boutique! The shorts were a pair of jeans I thrifted from goodwill and made into hot pants, the top and neck creation comes from N'Btwn boutique in Hampton, VA, the shoes are Michael Kors and the shades are Prada! Enjoy, it's almost the weekend!
I've attatched the link below if you want to shop for these designer items!

Yard sale haul!

I'm a thrift store enthusiast! I mean, I the one who's up at five a.m. With a sausage biscuit and coffee ridding around searching for the creme' de la creme' of thrift shops!!! check out a few things I picked up last month! Remember, thrift stores are hit and miss, you win some and you lose some! I found these things at goodwill, family thrift in Hampton, Va., The DAV, and thrift city. This particular weekend, I was #winning.