Thursday, August 9, 2012


Today's outfit comes from a mixture of thrift and boutique! The shorts were a pair of jeans I thrifted from goodwill and made into hot pants, the top and neck creation comes from N'Btwn boutique in Hampton, VA, the shoes are Michael Kors and the shades are Prada! Enjoy, it's almost the weekend!
I've attatched the link below if you want to shop for these designer items!

Yard sale haul!

I'm a thrift store enthusiast! I mean, I the one who's up at five a.m. With a sausage biscuit and coffee ridding around searching for the creme' de la creme' of thrift shops!!! check out a few things I picked up last month! Remember, thrift stores are hit and miss, you win some and you lose some! I found these things at goodwill, family thrift in Hampton, Va., The DAV, and thrift city. This particular weekend, I was #winning.